Shelly Lewis Stanfield's modern acrylic paintings combine her passion for bold colors and raw materials. Such inspiration is derived from her love affair with architecture, interior design and nature.

The path that has brought Shelly to this point in her career has been filled with beautiful things , places and people. As a self taught painter, Shelly’s experiences in the design field as well as day to day life lessons add to her process of creating.

"I have always felt that you can complete a space with one great piece of art."  Color, texture and shape are what drive Shelly’s abstract styled work. Acrylic is the medium of choice. Most of her work begins on wood canvas with either a color story or movement in mind. Layering and scraping with a scrap piece of sheet metal against wood surface gives a certain primitive quality. This technique brings rawness and down-to-earth element. .“Knowing when the creation is complete that is the true gift. Having someone fall in love with your work, that is happiness.”

Shelly grew up in Oklahoma, spent time in Atlanta and Alaska, and has now returned "home" with her husband and two sons. Creative since childhood, Shelly did not devote her energy to her own art until later in life. "I look forward to a long career as a painter because this truly feels like what I was meant to do."